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Westover Honorguard

  • AFRC encourages participation in the Base Honor Guard program.  Honor Guards are comprised of Color teams, Awards bearers, Escorts, Cordons and Military Funeral details.
  • The Honor Guard supports both the Base and community functions.
  •   Military funeral honors remain the responsibility of the Active Duty forces.  A Reserve Honor Guard member will augment the Active Duty team to render military funeral honors in their area of responsibility.
  • The Honor Guard is an elite group, proud of their military heritage.  To outwardly express this pride, individuals are authorized to wear the distinctive Honor Guard badge and patch for the duration of time they are members. 
  • Uniforms, alterations and accouterments are provided.



Air Force Honor Guards provide the final demonstration of respect, honor and gratitude to those who have faithfully served and defended our nation.  Driven by passion and the desire to honor our fallen comrades, the Honor Guard stands for the pride and heritage of the world’s finest air and space power.

Call MSgt John Masaitis 557-3342 or Cell # 413-454-4295 


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